Gallatin Roller Derby welcomes skaters of all backgrounds and abilities. Skaters must be 18+. First step is to attend a Learn-to-Skate Camp, which starts typically starts in Jan/Feb. This is an 8 week program that teaches our skaters the basics. Classes are held twice-weekly, on Monday and Wednesday nights. Skaters must then pass an assessment at the conclusion of the camp to become eligible for contact rating.
The 2021 Learn-to-Skate Camp will be delayed due to the pandemic. Information will be updated once community outbreak numbers reach acceptable levels. 

Would you like to help in another way? Gallatin Roller Derby is always looking for volunteers to help officiating and staffing our events off skates. If this sounds like you, check out our NSO & Volunteer page!

Are you a visiting or transfer skater? Send us a message via our Facebook page, or email and come skate with us!

“GRD gave me a sense of belonging when I was new to the area. Since then, they have become my family.”

“There’s no fear of getting cut or not being good enough- there’s just excitement to discover what you’re capable of.”