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We are so much more than just our skaters!

Are you interested in roller derby, but not interested in collecting new bruises? We understand! As it turns out, the skaters are only a fraction of what it takes for us to put on our events. If you have some time to spare then we can find you a role with the team! 


Each public bout event needs help from 34 (or more) talented off skate volunteers!  Roles vary widely in scope, task, and time commitment.  Our Non-Skating Officials (NSOs) are crucial when it comes to scrimmage nights and bouts. They handle the paperwork, penalty tracking, game time management, and score keeping. Alternatively, our general volunteers assist with everything from event management, ticket sales and will call, merchandise, videography and photography, music, and game announcing. And last but not least, we're always looking for a few individuals with medical training to help us out with game day safety. 

If this sounds like a perfect fit for you, please reach out and become part of the Gallatin Roller Derby family!

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